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of the visit to britain after making derogatory comments about the u.k. in a magazine interview. peace is possible. the u.s. middle east envoy says israeli and palestinian leaders have made progress on the issue of jewish settlements. making our way down the indus river, we continue our coverage on pakistan's floods down and how the survivors are pairing. tens of thousands of mexicans celebrate their independence from spain 200 years ago. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. a senior papal adviser has pulled out of the pope's visit to the u.k. after making critical comments about the country in a magazine article. cardinal kasper said arriving at heathrow airport is like entering a third world country. he also claimed there was a new and aggressive atheism in britain. he said illness and not the interview was the reason behind his withdrawal. the pope's visit begins in scotland in a few hours time. >> colonel walter casper is a vatican insiders. he has been a senior aide to pope benedict for a decade. his role is to promote christian unity.
. the f.t. report says the claim follows a five-month investigation by the u.k.'s financial regulator into goldman's overseas business. it was launched in april, after the securities and exchange commission charged goldman with misleading investigators. the bank was fined $500 million by u.s. regulators, but the "u- u.k. fine is not solely based on that controversial abacus transaction, but overall business practices in the u.k. >> tom: with financial taking the lead again, but this time it was on the upside. lots going on, so let's get everybody updated, susie, in tonight's "market focus." >> tom: investors were able to shrug off the federal reserve's regional economic assessment showing slower growth. it was back to the economically sensitive sectors of finance and industrial stocks, with each of those sector e.t.f.'s up 1%. investors shunned more defensive and dividend-paying utility stocks. that e.t.f. off 0.5%. on the weak side, visa was the biggest loser among s&p 500 stocks. analysts at bank of america merrill lynch worry visa may see its margins drop because of the financial r
in the global market. bbc news. >> in the u.k., a government mission has confirmed that it will investigate whether the banks -- critics say such a split could damage the competitive edge in the u.k. and make banks go overseas. independent commission on banking has looked at financial stability and competition in the banking sector after the financial crisis. the chief executive of rbs gave us his response. >> i do not think it should be the role of the government department to decide what bundling of products they should have. i think that the issue of size and shape of banks is entirely appropriate -- it is a red herring. in the financial crisis that we had, if you were a narrow bank, you were much more likely to go bust. if you were a small bank, you were much more likely to go bust. these issues were not at the heart of the crisis. executive of hsbccted o is expected to step down. he will be replaced by the current head of investment banking. the changes still need to be approved by the u.k. watchdog, and are not expected to be confirmed until next week. a committee of u.s. lawmakers wi
is examining the safety of deep water drilling all of the u.k. coast. this is 1.5 hours. >> this is a program to at the net across our worldwide drilling operations. we would expect some of these to be widely adopted. this is -- i emphatically do not believe this is the case. the need to mitigate risk associated with offshore drilling is an industry issue and one i believe we all need to address. it is tempting to call for drilling bans. i think that is wrong given the world's demand for oil and gas. prior to this accident, the industry drilled for more than 20 years in deep water without a major accident. we should take a rational approach to this. we need to make sure the lessons are fully implemented across the world. there are for strategic actions this committee should consider in the u.k. confirm things are working as we intended. enhanced testing protocols on blowout preventer, including the backup systems. enhance relief planning. ladies and gentlemen, thank you as for your -- for the opportunity to say these words. >> when you were appointed chief executive three years ago, he said h
. the latest bank bailouts are a staggering 32%. the u.k. deficit this year is forecast at around 10. a truck is posted with anti-bank slogans. the door is shut, making it harder to remove. >> these are regular people. >> i do not know what we can do about it. >> there are warnings that ireland, which has already faced up to this, should be braced for more austerity. >> you look at the downward spiral. most people are unemployed. finances get into a worse condition. ireland is desperate at the moment. >> irish entrepreneurs at built up property assets around the u.k. including a luxury hotel in london's west end. the irish bank has since been built up by the government. the u.k. bank also fuelled the irish property bubble. events in dublin will be watched closely in the city of london. a coalition of dutch parties hope to form the country's next government to have propose stricter controls on immigration. the freedom party is currently on trial for inciting hatred against muslims. you are watching bbc world news. still to come -- >> that is why we named the oil company after it. >> one of the
. >> if the child is traveling without a parent, the u.k. asks for a parental consent form. but in nigeria, filed documents are easy to obtain. as a middleman told us he charged about 130 pounds to get guardianship papers from the court, without the child's parents ever knowing. without consulting the parents at all? >> no. the parents [unintelligible] >> and the court makes no tax at all? >> no. >> @ callbacks no checks at all? because they are being paid? should britain use dna to check if the child is related to an accompanying adult, as other countries like italy do? >> my son or my niece or my what ever -- that is very important. italy does it. it is a matter of course. >> but compulsory dna testing is not legal in britain, and so the senior policeman who runs the child protection agency in britain says it rings alarm bells. >> are you suggesting that if they come in with documentation that we should have that job dna tested, relative to that of the person saying they are their parents? >> but even senior nigerians are advocating best? >> it would be using a sledgehammer to crack nuts. >> co
countries including the u.k., france, and germany. if 20 drawn strikes have been launched by the c.eia in the pat months. -- drone attacks. >>> 20 insurgents have been killed in a day of hard fighting. u.s. soldiers are now controlling is they had never been to before. commanders have taken away the homemade bombs from the taliban. >>> former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid to rest this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. the 86-year olds died last month in a plane crash in a remote part of alaska. four others were killed. four survived. he was the longest-serving u.s. senator as a republican, representing alaska four decades. >>> metro is closing farragut west and mcpherson square stations over the of columbus day weekend. other lower levels will be closed and there will be noboa or orange service on the weekend. service will resume on monday at midnight. >>> flooding turns rush hour into a nightmare for. drivers in for we will show you. >>> a crackdown on sex shops in manassas, why the city is taking control. >>> the fight to keep cool, the need shattering records o
accused of involvement in a betting scam are preparing to fly home from the u.k. the three, salman butt, mohammad asif, and mohammad amir, have not been charged by british police. in the last couple of hours, they left the hotel in central london to catch a plane to islamabad. they say they will come back to britain if the detectives asked them to. an adviser with the team made this statement. >> of the three pakistan cricketers, salman butt, mohammad asif, and mohammad amir, are now returning to pakistan. they have not been charged by the police with any offense. they have fully cooperated with the police into the inquiries and maintain that they are innocent of any alleged wrongdoing. they have agreed with the police to return to england if the police request them to do so. to further assist the police in their inquiry. ladies and gentlemen, i have no further comment to make. thank you very much. >> an exhibition at the palace on the outside of paris is raising eyebrows and surprising visitors. giant plastic cartoon characters have invaded the shadows rooms as part of an installation
in the u.k. confirm things are working as we intended. enhanced testing protocols on blowout preventer, including the backup systems. enhance relief planning. ladies and gentlemen, thank you as for your -- for the opportunity to say these words. >> when you were appointed chief executive three years ago, he said he would be a laseright on safety. during those three years, we have had the biggest oil spill in u.s. waters and 11 deaths. last year, five of york north sea installations failed to comply with the emergency regulations. the offshore inspection records said you had not applied with rules or regular training on how to respond to an incident. it also says that inspectors from the department of climate chan say you've failed to conduct exercises adequately. why should this committee to conclude that bp is a responsible company to operate deep water wells in u.k. waters? >> that may address that question in two parts. the first in terms of what we have done over the last 3.5 years. we have made safety regulations the mber one priority. it is about what we do under neath the banner
to the u.k. for processing because the laws changed. basically, when i try to renew again, they did not believe that i was a manager. also, they refused to recognize our employee as a professional, even though a four-year degree would exactly mirror the situation. we have been in limbo for 15 months until last friday when we found out the appeal was dismissed on grounds similar to the original denial. at least we know now. or something as important as a green card process, there should be the opportunity to appear before an official to make your case. during the green card fiasco, we were unable to leave the country for family bereavement. we were landlocked. we could not get a renewal of women for five months which must be done outside the u.s. why, if you have already had success of renewals? we ended up driving to tia juana with our family in order to return to the uk. we then had only five months to verify. we flew back to the u.k. for the interview which cost about $6,000, rather than processing in the u.s. embassies were rude to me and my bike in the process. -- wife in the pr
against him and his party were politically motivated. he has been living in the u.k. since granting been -- being granted asylum here. bbc news. >> rwanda president has dismissed suggestions his troops may have committed genocide. it was made in a draft u.n. report on the thousands of hut refugeesu who fled to condo in the 1990's. it in the interview with the bbc, the president gave his response to the leaked allegations. >> the whole idea of thinking there was genocide and the congo it is flawed -- where there was genocide it was clear, and it was often. and the whole process of the investigation, how this report came together. it even speaks to its own weaknesses and how it was conducted. >> you can hear more of that interview on network africa on the bbc world service throughout the day or by the podcast on the world service website. domesticof britain's security service has warned of a growing terror threat originated from somalia and yemen. jonathan evans also said the number of -- with links to pakistan bought the tribal areas have dropped. let us find out more from our security co
think it will be difficult for large companies do have confidence in long-term investment in u.k. if they feel there is going to be a constraint on their ability to bring people in it they cannot find the right people locally. >> are range of businesses are not happy with the new rules. it is understood that a couple of banks have moved operations to the far east because of the emigration restrictions here. they want the government to change the policies, and they found an ally in a senior member of the government. and that is advanced cable, the business secretary. -- vince cable, the business secretary. he has made it plain he sympathizes with the concerns of business. >> they cannot get key staff, management, business engineers, and so on, outside the european union. there is no concealing the fact that this is damaging to the u.k. economy. >> the home office defended the policy, saying businesses are going to have to reduce their reliance on migrant workers. this has done nothing to help the millions of unemployed. today, officials stressed that message has not changed. the p
a terrorist attack is thought highly likely. u.k. officials say neither a tax nor arrests are expected imminently. frank gardner, bbc news. >> workers have taken to the streets across europe in a day of protest against the austerity measures being imposed by national governments. there have been demonstrations in ireland, greece, and latvia. there were marches on european union headquarters. in spain, there is a general strike. >> before dawn, strikers were at the madrid transport depot, trying to prevent buses leaving. the spanish unions were determined to shut down the capital and so demonstrate that the people were against spending cuts. later, columns of strikers marched around the city center. when they found stores that were defying calls for a general strike, they pushed inside, insisting the owners closed for the day. the police often intervened, but still the shutters came down. working people are seeing their wages cut and their benefits reduced to pay for a recession caused by the banks. >> we spent 100 years earning the rights we have as workers in this country, and i do no
afghanistan has been one of the most dangerous places in the world. in the past four years, more than 100 u.k. troops have died there, almost one-third of all british losses in afghanistan. today, britain's handover responsibility to the americans. u.k. commanders say progress has been made but it met the work is unfinished. >> the captain, the sergeant, a private, -- >> 5 sommers, 337 british lives lost. >> [reading names] >> almost a third happened here. we joined british and u.s. marines as they prepared for one of their last joint patrols. for a final few days, they must brave their demons and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made. commanders were keen to show us what they achieved, all the project have -- how the province has prospered and how much safer and has become, but this is what we saw. [gunshots fired] a brutal fight for much of the day. it does not happen much anymore, but it shows the taliban battling coalition troops. and now america must finish the job britain started. no british troops at this time, they have faced too many days like this. >> i find it very difficul
as a buffer. the long-awaited fear is considerably lower than what was wanted by the u.s., the u.k. and switzerland. they wanted eight% to nine%. it is much larger than the national average of 2%. a couple of other stories. goldman sachs has been fined $30 million by the financial services economy in britain for failing to disclose that it was under investigation in the united states for alleged fraud. the fine is one of the biggest by the british regulator. this comes after a five month investigation into the bank's international business. car sales in india surged to a record for a second straight month in august on strong demand before the holiday season. that's despite rising prices and supply constraints. figures released today showed that car sales hit almost 161,000 in august, which is up 33% from one year before. it is a good day in asian markets. they are pretty much following the leader. they're following the gains that we had on wall street and in europe. the european news has boosted the global markets. that was the bond sale that we had in portugal. that eased the debt
of the undocumented from ireland are from northern ireland. they are both irish citizens and u.k. citizens. we have tried to engage the u.k. government in pressing for this, and they have had no interest. there are thousands of undocumented citizens of the united kingdom in america, and the united kingdom government has no interest. i would urge you to press that. there are bilateral trade agreements and millions of people working. press the slew. one final point, i would challenge the bill. at would price do we have comprehensive immigration reform. i would ask the question at what price can we not have it? >> so you would give them all the bad stuff just to get the good things? >> no, i wouldn't. but i'm reminded of what voltere said, which is let not the perfect be the enemy of the good. by holding out for the perfect, there are 12 million in a bad way in this country. >> what is the difference between imperfect and the atrocious. >> i would ask you to not let the perfect outway the we. thank you for having this commission tonight. someone once said that what leads evil to triumph over good is t
, wham. and his solo career was more successful. and he managed to renew his u.k. success in america and around the world. >> this man is seriously danger and remembered for a man who went to jail with an incurrable drug problem. >> many see this as a waste of a star in a jail. >> this is "bbc world news," our headlines so far, an american woman freed after more than a year in jail, says she will press for the release of her two companions. and the last round of the u.s. primaries, the candidates for the tea party grass-roots, with christine o'donnell with success in the state of delaware. there is a proving of a bill that would ban the islamic veil in public. the ban will come into force in six months time if not over turned by judges. >> the ban on the full veil has support but critics point out that only a minority wear it. this islamic veil that covers the face and body. for those who resist to cover themselves in public face fines of 150 euros. the new measure is tough on husbands who cause their wives to break the law. those who are separate is not equal. >> to wear a veil in a
to the news consortiums of the u.s. come by u.k. and australia. >> this is a day we have waited for. >> aimed at giving health care to 100 million women by 2015, her commitment endorsed by the u.k. prime minister. >> we have five years to deliver the promises we made in 2000. we must get on with it. >> late in the afternoon excitement with the rival -- with the arrival of the u.s. president. he brought with him a radical rethinking to the american approach. >> today i am announcing our new u.s. global policy, the first by an american administration. consider the millions of people who have relied on food assistance, that is not development, that is dependence. it is a cycle we need to break. we have to offer nation's eighth half out of poverty. >> two conflicting emotions bring this summit to an end, and anxious concern that some of the new pledges will not be met. but a thoughtful optimism that the world is shifting on its axis. whether by aid or collaboration, tackling poverty head on is possible. >> it is nearly seven weeks since minors became trapped underground in chile. their story of t
year, and now it could be about to spread. dissident republicans haven't attacked the u.k. mainland since 2001, when they exploded two car bombs in london. neither security services believe it could happen again. the threat level in great britain has gone up from moderate to substantial. the home secretary said the change was being made public in the interest of transparency and to encourage people to remain vigilant. the head of mi-5, jonathan evans, said last week dissident republican groups posed a real and rising security challenge, saying we were giving insufficient with it to history. the position of i.r.a. used to attack the u.k. mainland. now history could repeat itself. >> they have been using this in game plans as a provisional i.r.a. there's nothing gnaw. they can't think any new ideas. so anything that was done in the past, you could be sure that they'll try and duplicate that. >> but the threat isn't the same. they don't have the same amount of weapons or explosives as the i.r.a. used to have. >> the threat from the republicans is a serious one but nothing like the ones
. there are for strategic actions this committee should consider in the u.k. confirm things are working as we intended. enhanced testing protocols on blowout preventer, including the backup systems. enhance relief planning. ladies and gentlemen, thank you as for your -- for the opportunity to say these words. >> when you were appointed chief executive three years ago, he said he would be a laser light on safety. during those three years, we have had the biggest oil spill in u.s. waters and 11 deaths. last year, five of york north sea installations failed to comply with the emergency regulations. the offshore inspection records said you had not applied with rules or regular training on how to respond to an incident. it also says that inspectors from the department of climate change say you've failed to conduct exercises adequately. why should this committee to conclude that bp is a responsible company to operate deep water wells in u.k. waters? >> that may address that question in two parts. the first in terms of what we have done over the last 3.5 years. we have made safety regulations the number one
has more live from london. who has the u.k. identified as key threats to security here? >> reporter: a couple of suspects that we've been following, too, jon, the message coming from london is that al-qaeda remains a threat, but it might be shifting its geographical base. we've been hearing it from washington officials. we've been reporting on it. this comes now from the head of mi-5, the equivalent to the fbi agency in the u.k., a guy named jonathan evans, doesn't speak out often but when he does we listen. he says al-qaeda remains active in that border area between afghanistan and pakistan but the bigger worry now is shifting over to africa, the arabian peninsula. the biggest worry he says is somalia, where al-shabaab is active. they are fighting a war there. also, committing terror acts in the region. evans says a significant number of u.k. residents are active with al-shabaab. a number of -- a number put at over 100 in his words, it is only a matter of time until we see terror on the streets of the u.k. coming from this group, specifically, as you noted, jon, the big worry, the
operated very safely in the north sea, the u.k., and the norwegian north sea. tremendous storms, high winds and waves, the industry has operated very safely, so i am confident we could explore safely. i just don't know if we would find any oil and gas. >> can you describe what makes marathon different than the other oil companies? >> our people. i think our people make the difference. there are a lot of other things , our people underpined by our values and culture is what makes a special. we do an employee survey every 18 months, and one of the outcomes of that is employee engagement. it measures how engaged are our people? how tied to the company, how much are they driven by the companies success, and what the consultants tell us is the employee engagements course that we record at marathon are the highest they see anywhere. a number of our directors have commented the same, it is higher than what they see anywhere else. our employees love our company. it is a company that has stood by its values for over 120 years. i think that means a great deal. >> why did gas prices escalate locally d
divide between the officially protestant u.k. and the catholic church. >> [unintelligible] >> behind this historic visit loomed some controversy. today, the pontiff admitted the catholic church had not acted decisively or quickly enough about claims of sex abuse by priests. he said that the top priority is to help abuse victims. and controversy involving michelle obama. the comments appear in a book by carlo bruney. it claims that when mrs. burnie asked mrs. obama this past march how she liked life in the white house, she allegedly said it was hell and she cannot stand it. tonight, michelle obama and mrs. bruney denied that conversation ever took place. >> coming in, the latest it on the investigation in this collision with an ambulance. >and a local comic is behind a youtube video that is going viral. >> much cooler temperatures moving in as well as rain around the area. >> you are watching is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> tonight, we know more about the moments leading to a deadly crash between an suv and a prince george's county ambulance earlier today. it happened on m
visit to the u.k. the london police force said the men are from north africa and or questions but have not been charged. pope benedict has been greeted by pilgrims and protesters at every stop. >>> turning to the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico, the damaged well that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf could soon be plugged forever. the government says the relief well's has interjected. crews will pump mud and cement into the down as well as the work could be finished by sunday. >> coming up, >> i was not going to die on that floor. >> out prisoners inside their work place are now speaking out about the terror at the discovery building. drive to stay alive, a way to help shut off your phone on the road. we are tracking hurricane carla which is getting stronger and headed to mexico. >>> two of the discovery channel hostages are recounting their stories. they were on good"morning america." they said that the gun and asked him about his family. he was an environmentalist and opposed population growth. >> he asked me if i had kids and i said i have two. he told me," who tol
insisted charges against him were politically motivated. he had been living in the u.k. since he was granted asylum in 1999. the question now is who murdered him and why? >> let's stay in pakistan where two months since the floods the country is struggling to cope with the impact of the disaster. the international community must do more to help. all this week we have been traveling along the indus river. these reports come from one of the hardest hit areas. >> the families that used to live here have homes and a community, but it was all swept away. it is a sad indication of how desperate people are. every time there is a car they are hoping we are here to help. weeks after the disaster, most are dependent on handouts and have no means of helping themselves. >> at least someone got something by the government. that is why i can honestly tell you nobody has died of starting. >> it is not going as smoothly as the government says. there is not enough aid to go around. this descends into chaos. flood victims tired of waiting for food take matters into their own hands with dozens jump
in the pope's schedule. greg burke is watching that tour as it continues to the u.k. we'll northbound contact with greg in a matter of moment this is hour. >>> well, in this country, a new bombshell showing your tax dollars at work or rather not at work, apparently. the city of l.a. says with the stimulus money, ready for this, that money saved or created 55 jobs. that's $2 million per job. unemployment in that area, 12 percent. martha: that's pretty good, huh? >> bill: that's good for you? >> martha: it's not very good! bill: good work if you can get it, if you're one of the 55. martha: here's to them! good morning, bill, good to see you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this is a shocking report, folks, the city's 40 page report that they just put out raises several factors for the mind-boggling results, including a lot of red tape. bill: stuart varney with fbn joins us. first, the news, this came from the local government in l.a.d. it not? >> it came from the controller of los angeles, she reported that the transportation department spent 70 million created 45 new jobs, the p
's rogue nuclear program. now we are getting word that yet another hater of america wants his n u.k. es too, there he is, venezuela president hugo chavez says his country is exploring nuclear energy, and quote they are not going to stop us. a major drug bust in san diego, who was taken down and what they were planning to sell on our streets next. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ jenna: we're continuing to follow this developing story out of austin, texas, a shooting at the university of texas at the library there. harris just got off the phone with campus police. harris, what did you learn. >> reporter: the university is officially closed at this time. the spokesperson told me that they will stay in a sheltered mode. which means anybody on campus is to stay inside, doors locked, do not leave the building. they don't want anybody new on campus that they have to account for when they look wha
-called coalition of the willing, the u.k., getting some conversation going over here, tony blair, the former prime minister, his memoir is out. he has not backed down. i have not had a chance yet to read it in detail. i have skimmed it. lining up on the right side in this war against saddam. give me your top line on how that book and his statements are being viewed over there. >> well, the headlines were in the newspaper today. tony blair, rightly or wrongly, was a bit of a pariah in his own country. do use that old expression, he was a profit without honor in his own land. he has even become quite wealthy earning huge amounts of money speaking in the united states and acting as a consultant to american banks, and this is in the british newspapers about $30 million of the wealth of tony blair. he has a huge portfolio and so on. and many people would say, "why not?" bill clinton made a lot of money when he came out of office, and so did a lot of american presidents. tony blair is a widely disparaged man in this country, and i think the publishers probably believe that the prospects of that book are
and security forces or working to foil a possible plot involving targets in france, germany, and the u.k. >> a recent surge in u.s. drone strikes in pakistan is believed to be aimed at eliminating the leaders. they said militants were planning to seize and murder western hostages in a tax modeled on the 2008 attacks in mumbai. there are a handful of gunmen if that killed more than 160 people in a commando-style raid. intelligent pointing to al qaeda attacks have said the government german terror suspect of afghan origin. he was reportedly active in this hamburger mosque in had contacts with terror groups in pakistan. he is currently being held in afghanistan at the blogger and u.s. military prison. for months, german federal police have been denied access to the suspects. despite the latest revelations, germany has not raised its terror alert standing, and officials say there's no imminent threat. >> we spoke earlier to our political correspondent and asked him how serious berlin sees this latest plot. >> the german government does see terrorism is a significant issue, but they try to ke
in the u.k. and around the world. the u.s. pastor who has been condemned worldwide for his threat to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of september 11 says his plan is now on hold. terry jones originally announced he was cancelling the event, but now says it is conditional on holding talks with the imam in charge of a planned islamic cultural center near ground zero. mr. jones said he had agreed to move the center in return for his cancelling the koran- burning. the imam denies it. mr. jones now says he was lied to. >> the day began with the white house up against a church in florida. the conversation is so small, it can fit on a single bus. pastor terry jones runs what is essentially a fringe movement. his plans to burn the koran earned him a personal warning this morning from the president. >> if he is listening, i hope he understands that what he is proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans, that this country has been built on the notions of religious freedom and religious tolerance. >> demonstrations were held in pakistan and afghanistan. protesters e
about the new charge. >> starting tomorrow travelers from 36 different countries including the u.k., australia japan and many others that don't have a u.s. visa they will have to pay $14 to enter the country for the dollars are the fee will cover operating cost but $10 will go towards promoting united states as a tourist destination many critics say charge interest to promote tourism just as a make sense. it's like inviting a friend over for dinner and then charging the mafia the door. to read all about the new feed visit our whats on the web section on >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >>+fwe are all in a hurry theseñ days,no time for anything. i think a lot of us without even thinking just leave our wall chargers plugged into our electrical outlets and then before we go to bed or at night you will plug in your cell phone or gadget but these are left here all day. i know i do it, but just in cause you don't know it is bad for energy consumption. the charger is sitting there all day without a device plugged into it, it is still drawing power. now that waste
fined $13 million by the u.k. party for failing to reveal it was being investigated for fraud in the u.s. goldman made a mistake and is one of the biggest fine ever imposed. president obama is facing the prospect of heavy losses for the democratic party in november's midterm elections. his own personal ratings have also been slipping. he is taking to the campaign trail to sell his strategy. he wants to invest $50 billion to renew america's roads and airports. our washington correspondent has more. >> barack obama is not on the ballot in november, but he once every vote anyway. the midterms are a referendum on his performance. this afternoon in ohio mr. obama addressed his central weakness on employment -- one unemployment refuses to come down. >> making up for the 8 million lost jobs caused by this recession will not happen overnight. not everything we have done has worked as quickly as we hoped. i am keenly aware not all of our policies have been popular. >> it is getting pretty nip and tuck. >> this man cannot afford to wait for the economy to get better. he has to find enough work f
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